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Amplify Energy Aura

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Ability User: Halcyon Carrier
Ability Type: Passive
Target: Self and friendly units within aura
Antimatter Cost: N/A
Cooldown Time: N/A
Duration: N/A
Range: 8000
  • Energy Weapon cooldown: 8% -> 15% -> 22%

Reduces the weapon cooldown of all ships with energy based weapons. Extracted from the game.


Lasers, plasma, beams, and the psionic attacks of the Transcencia Star Base are all considered energy attacks for the purpose of this ability. Despite the fact that their weapon types qualify, fighters and bombers do not benefit from this ability. This ability is not very helpful to TEC and Vasari allies, since most of their combat units use either missiles or other physical attacks.

The effective damage increase from this cooldown decrease is 8.7% -> 17.6% -> 28.2%

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