Anti-Structure Cruisers excel at attacking Orbital Structures and Starbases. They deliver an impressive amount of damage and have a long range, meaning that most structures cannot fight back, but are vulnerable to counterattacks from ships or Strike Craft.


  • Armor: Light (200% damage from Scout Frigates and Fighters; 75% damage from Light Frigates, Siege Frigates, and Support Cruisers; 50% damage from Bombers; 75% damage from Capital Ships; full damage from everything else)
  • Damage: Anti-Module (25% damage to Very Light (Fighters) and Light Armor (Scout, Colony, Siege, and Long Range Frigates), 50% damage to Medium Armor (Light Frigates), 75% damage to Heavy Armor (Anti-Strike Craft Frigates, Light Carriers, Offensive and Defensive support Cruisers), 100% (full) damage to Very Heavy (Heavy Combat Cruisers) and Capital Armor, and 200% damage to Module Armor (Structures).


Main article: Ogrov Torpedo Cruiser


Main article: Solanus Adjudicator

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