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Capital Ships are among the largest warships in Sins of a Solar Empire. Capital Ships each have special four special abilities, the first three have three levels, and the last one only has one level and is often called an "Ultimate" ability.



Main article: Kol Battleship
Main article: Radiance Battleship
Main article: Kortul Devastator


Main article: Sova Carrier
Main article: Halcyon Carrier
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Main article: Akkan Battlecruiser
Main article: Progenitor Mothership
Main article: Jarrasul Evacuator

Support Capital ShipEdit

Main article: Dunov Battlecruiser
Main article: Rapture Battlecruiser
Main article: Antorak Marauder

Heavy Assault ShipEdit

Main article: Marza Dreadnought
Main article: Revelation Battlecruiser
Main article: Vulkoras Desolator

Unique Capital ShipEdit

Main article: Corsev Battlecruiser
Main article: Discord Battleship
Main article: Rankulas Battleship

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