The TEC Capital Ship Factory is larger than the Frigate Factory and also costs more to build. When Quick Start is activated, players start with one Capital Ship Factory and two Frigate Factories. The Capital Ship Factory builds, as in the name, Capital Ships. All Capital Ships build in 70 seconds, and if the factory is destroyed while building one, both are lost.

The TEC Capital Ship Factory builds the Kol Battleship, the Sova Carrier, the Akkan Battlecruiser, the Dunov Battlecruiser, the Marza Dreadnaught, and the Corsev Battlecruiser. As with all factions, the first Capital Ship you build is free, so it is wise to go for a more multi-purpose unit, such as the Akkan. If the Kol is the first ship you build, a wise second is the Dunov for it's shield restore ability, and a squadron of Garda Flak Frigates.

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