Kanrak Assailant

Karnak Assailant

Junsurak Sentinel

Junsurak Sentinel

Charged Missiles is an ability that can be researched for the Kanrak Assailant and the Junsurak Sentinel, and it requires four Lirtestra Weapons Labs along with prerequisite research of Assailant Prototype and Sentinel Prototype. Its in game description is "Grants the Charged missiles ability to Kanrak Assailants, allowing them to sacrifice mobility for increased weapons range and area of attack." Interestingly, this does not mention that this ability is also given to Junsurak Sentinel and that its icon refers to the ability as "Discharging Missiles". For the Junsurak Sentinel, this ability has a cooldown of 5, a range of 750, max targets of 3, and a duration of 1. Weapon range increases 25% and damage is 12 at the expense of all movement. For the Kanrak Assailant, this ability also has a cooldown of 5, but a range of 1500, max targets of 4, a duration of 2. This is at the expense of sublight main engines and results in a weapon range increase of 25%, a turn rate decrease of 300%, and causes 15 damage. You must wait until after the cooldown to deactivate this ability. This ability does not use Antimatter.

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