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Cluster Warheads is an ability for the Javelis LRM Frigate.

This is one of the few abilities available to the TEC with a splash damage ability, making it an almost crucial addition for attacking large fleets.


  • The 10 damage listed is splash damage, inflicted on up to 6 ships near the target.
  • This damage is inflicted for a radius of 1200 m around the target vessel.
Ship: Javelis LRM Frigate
Research Cost: 1000$ 150m 250c
Type: Active
Target: Self (OnWeaponFired, Enemy, 6 Targets Max)
Antimatter Cost: 0
Cooldown: 60
Range: 1200
Duration: 25 seconds
Effect(s): Damage: 10

Game Description: Warheads with multiple sub-munitions are used for a brief time, causing the ship to deal area-of-effect damage.

The Javelis will proc 10 splash damage on up to 6 targets within a 1200 range of the target for 25 seconds. If firing continuously, this will occur 3 or 4 times during the duration, depending on the time activated between weapon shots . If buffed by Embolden, this will occur 4 or 5 times during the duration. Deals a maximum possible total of 180-210 damage if not buffed, 210-240 damage if buffed.

This results in a net increase to single target DPS of about 0.666 (across 60 seconds), about a 6% increase to damage, which falls off as missile damage research is conducted because it is a static value. If the Javelis hits all 6 potential targets, base DPS is increased by about 4 (across 60 seconds), a 36.6% increase is damage, again falling off as missile damage research is conducted.

Compare this to the Kanrak Assailant's Charged Missiles, which proc 15 damage on up to 4 targets in a 1500 range, lasts indefinitely, and increases weapon range by 25%, increasing single target dps by 2.5 (a 19% increase to single target damage, and a 77% increase to total damage if it hits all 4 targets)

Javelis cluster warheads, 6% increase to single target DPS, 36.6% increase to total DPS.

Kanrak charged missiles, 19% increase to single target DPS, 77% increase to total DPS, 25% increase to range. Much more likely to achieve full total DPS bonus because only 4 targets are needed in a larger range of 1500.

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