A coalescence is the higher caste and main leadership of the Advent factions. Many of them are divided in their own beliefs and forms of warfare.

Members of a coalescence Edit

There are many assignments that need to be performed and some are so specific that members of Advent society will devote their lives towards this assignment. Only a powerful member of the Advent can perform two of these tasks at once and if they can perform all of them they are considered one of the most powerful of all psychics and raise themselves to the rank of Coalescent.

Scryers: Scryers devote their lives to visions and prophecies and divining the purpose behind said prophecies and visions. They use their abilities to find hidden and ancient artifacts on many of the Advent worlds, and can amplify their senses to detect incoming threats that would seek to attack any Advent worlds. Some Scryers can become so powerful that they can sense the presence and spread of an enemy's culture even a few star systems away.
Psintegrate: Psintegrates are a powerful and necessary part for Advent living and warfare. Where the Scryers would use their powers to influence and sense, the Psintegrates use their powers to manipulate the physical world around them. This is done through the use of telekinesis for war purposes or not. They can be found almost everywhere, inside Mining Facilities separating desired ores from undesired, or in warships using their powers to dominate the minds of their enemies and telekinetically push squadrons of Strike Craft away from the fleet. Psintegrates are required to integrate with the ships or facilities they are stationed in. This integration connects the Psintegrates' very beings with the ship or facility allowing them to exercise their psychic ability in the most efficient manner at any given time. 
Coalescents: A Coalescent is the leader of a particular Coalescence. Coalescents are also seen as the most powerful or wise of Advent members in society. Their word is generally seen as an undeniable truth or law. It was the Coalescents who guided the Advent first into Trader Space to exact revenge upon their foes.

Coalescences Edit

There are many Coalescences: however, their specific purposes or specialties are not known.

  1. Ast Eternal
  2. Cult of Cerebri
  3. Hand of Illus
  4. Prophets of Zei
  5. Psi Order Zealots
  6. Raesaedia Sect
  7. Rolus Solbare
  8. Voice of Senar
  9. Xon Precept

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