Colony Frigates, sometimes called Colonization Frigates, are used to form new colonies. All colony frigates have the Colonize ability. They are rather weak and while not unarmed, do not excel in combat. Motherships are an alternative to colony frigates. The Vasari Jarun Migrator is unique in that it assumes the additional role of Starbase Construction Cruiser despite being a frigate.


  • Armor: Light (200% damage from Scout Frigates and Fighters; 75% damage from Light Frigates, Siege Frigates, and Support Cruisers; 50% damage from Bombers; 75% damage from Capital Ships; full damage from everything else)
  • Damage: Anti-Light (200% damage to Bombers, Siege Frigates, Long Range Frigates, Colonization Frigates, and Construction Frigates; 25% damage to Light Frigates, Anti-Strike Craft Frigates, Support Cruisers, and Light Carriers); and full damage to Fighters


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