Sins-of-a-solar-empire 268

A TEC frigate factory in the process of construction

LEV Construction Frigate

LEV Construction Frigate (TEC)

Advent Assembly

Assembly Drone (Advent)

Junra Fabricator

Junra Fabricator (Vasari)

Construction is an ability used by all races, although with slightly different appearance for each, to build new objects.

It is used directly by a construction frigate, and indirectly by all Frigate Factories and Capital Ship Factories, as well as any ship that fields a squadron of Strike Craft. The repair ability used by all races by their respective repair bay types is very similar to this one. The Advent Assembly Drone can be upgraded to help other construction ships at slightly increased cost, if you research "Communal Labor". The official name of the other two construction frigates are the TEC LEV Construction Frigate, and the Vasari Junra Fabricator. The construction "cloud" produced by using the ability Skirantra Carrier can also be seen in all factories and Repair Platforms. The Skirantra Carrier's Repair Cloud ability looks very similar to the effect produced by construction and repair of Vasari structures.

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