Crystal Extractor


Cost: Credits icon250
Build Time: 36 seconds.
Hull: 2500
Armor: 0
Shortcut: (A)

Crystal Extractors are an empires way to produce crystal for their empire


Crystal Extractors are the primary source of all crystal production for the various races empires. Extraction rates can be improved through research, and through allegiance increase. Neutral extractors have a set extraction rate that cannot be changed. The Vasari Loyalist can put early points into Enforced Labor to make the cost of building extractors cheaper. Later in the game Optimized Construction will cause Vasari buildings to be produced 80% faster than normal. Phasic Barrier may also be researched which will temporarily make the Extractor invulnerable to enemy fire at the cost of extraction time. The Vasari can also upgrade the Resource Pact which will increase their extractors income and anyone else who made the pact with them.

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