DemolitionTeam button
Ability User: Corsev Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets Owned Frigates and Structures.
Antimatter Cost: 85
Cooldown Time: 90 -> 80 -> 70 -> 60
Range: 8000
  • Aoe Range : 2000 -> 2500 -> 3000 -> 3500
  • Aoe Range (if Boarded): 2500 -> 3000 -> 3500 -> 4000
  • Aoe Damage : 300 -> 433 -> 567 ->700
  • Aoe Damage (if Boarded): 600 -> 866 -> 1133-> 1400

Sends a demolition team to scuttle target friendly frigate or structure. Target will deal damage to nearby  enemy ships in 7.8 seconds, then self-destruct 0.4 seconds afterwards. Damage is greatly increased if the target has the boarded status from Boarding Party. You can use this on merchant ships. If this ability is set to autocast, it will only target friendly ships with the boarded status. The autocast AI will make no attempt to maximize the area damage of this ability however.

Note: The damage will be dealt to a maximum of 25 enemy ships caught in the explosion radius, enemy structures are untouched.

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