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The Diplomacy Tree is the diplomacy research tree for the TEC.

Skilled Diplomats was originally from the Civilian Tree.


Name Civics Labs Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Cultural Relations1Gives plus 1 to relationship bonus.400/0/25
Neruda Prototype1Unlocks Neruda Envoy Cruiser400/0/25
Cultural Affinity2Cultural RelationsGive an additional plus 1 to relationship bonus.600/50/100
Worthy Cause2Neruda PrototypeUnlocks Worthy Cause600/50/100
Bounty Hunting2Grants the the ability to offer missions to other factions.600/50/100
Arbitrate Tariff3Neruda PrototypeUnlocks Arbitrate Tariff800/100/175
Universal Negotiation3Bounty HuntingAllows you to offer and demand gifts of Credits, Metal, and Crystal from opposing factions.800/100/175
Cultural Mastery3Cultural AffinityGive an additional plus 1 to relationship bonus.800/100/175
Political Kickbacks3Universal NegotiationIncreases the maximum relationship gain from resources by 1, and the amount gained from Credits by 100%.800/100/175
Settlers4Arbitrate TariffUnlocks Settlers1000/150/250
Backroom Deals4Political KickbacksAllows you to offer missions to pirate factions.1000/150/250
Trade Pact4Improves trade profit for factions that sign the pact with each other.1000/150/250
Metal Pact4Trade PactImproves metal production for factions that sign the pact with each other.1000/150/250
Skilled Diplomats4Increases relationship standing rewarded by 15% and decreases relationship lose by 10% for failure.1000/150/250
Missile Pact5Trade PactIncreases missile damage for factions that sign the pact with each other.1200/200/325
Labor Negotiations6Increases ship and structure construction rates by 15%.1400/250/400
Siege Pact6Missile PactIncreases bombardment damage for factions that sign the pact with each other.1400/250/400
Public Forgiveness7Removes the racial relations penalty.1600/300/475
Armor Pact7Siege PactIncreases armor for factions that sign the pact with each other.1600/300/475
Supply Pact8Armor PactIncreases supply capacity for factions that sign the pact with each other.1800/350/550
TEC Structures
Logistics: Metal Extractor Crystal Extractor Frigate Factory Capital Ship FactoryMilitary LabCivics Lab Trade PortBroadcast CenterOrbital Refinery
Tactical: Gauss Defense PlatformHangar DefenseRepair PlatformPhase Jump InhibitorShield GeneratorNovalith CannonProximity Mine FieldTitan Foundry
TEC Ships
Corvettes: Shriken Corvette (Loyalist) • Stilat Corvette (Rebel)
Frigates: Arcova Scout FrigateCobalt Light FrigateJavelis LRM FrigateKrosov Siege FrigateGarda Flak FrigateProtev Colony Frigate
Cruisers: Percheron Light CarrierHoshiko Robotics CruiserCielo Command CruiserKodiak Heavy CruiserRaloz Heavy ConstructorOgrov Torpedo CruiserNeruda Envoy Cruiser
Capital Ships: Kol BattleshipSova CarrierAkkan BattlecruiserDunov BattlecruiserMarza DreadnoughtCorsev Battlecruiser
Titans: Ankylon Titan (Loyalist) • Ragnarov Titan (Rebel)
Starbase: Argonev Star Base
TEC Tech Tree
Military TreeDefense TreeCivilian TreeDiplomacy Tree

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