Ability User: Vulkoras Desolator
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy capital ships, frigates and structures.
Antimatter Cost: 150
Cooldown Time: 90
Duration: 8
Range: 6000
  • Hull Damage done /sec: 150
  • Shield Damage done /sec: 150
  • Antimatter Damage done /sec: 20
  • Hull Repair done / sec: 120
  • Shield Regeneration done / sec: 120
  • Antimatter Restored / sec: 15

Fires a powerful stream of nanites at a target, which deal immense damage as its hull is deconstructed. The acquired matter is streamed back to the Vulkoras, which repairs its hull in turn. Extracted from the game.

The hull damage bypasses shields and shield mitigation, but is reduced by armor. This does not impact the amount of hull points that are restored to the Vulkoras. If the target is destroyed, the ability ends and the Vulkoras gains no further beneficial effects.


This ability was vastly improved in patch 1.18. It originally only affected the hull of the target. The patch changed this ability to affect shields and antimatter as well, which improved it both offensively and defensively. Its cooldown was also decreased. Because the ability now steals antimatter, the Vulkoras will recoop most of its losses if it is not interrupted.

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