Ability User: Rapture Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy frigates.
Antimatter Cost: 150
Cooldown Time: 60
Duration: N/A
Range: 6000

Overpowers the minds of the crew aboard the targeted frigate, forcing them to serve this ship's empire. Extracted from the game.


When using this ability, the targeted frigate or cruiser joins your empire and, if the Rapture Battlecruiser is in a fleet, the targeted ship joins the fleet, effectively giving you free ships. Unfortunately, any upgrades that the previous owner had placed on it do not apply. This means that you cannot use the secondary abilities of support cruisers, and you cannot gain the overpowered pirates from Diplomacy, since they will revert to their un-upgraded base forms. If you capture an enemy Advent unit, it will gain any applicable upgrades you may have for it.

In theory, Domination can be used to attain an unlimited number of ships. In practice, you need to be in combat to use this ability, meaning you will likely be taking casualties. Successfully "farming" to increase your fleet size is usually only possible once the enemy is so weak that victory is already assured.


Patch 1.1 reduced Domination's cooldown from 90 seconds to just 60 seconds.