More hanger bays and Anima stations are installed in the Transcencia Star Base, allowing it to field greater numbers of drone strike craft.


There are numerous reasons to upgrade drone capacity. Fighters and bombers can attack anything within the starbase's gravity well. A good number of Fighters makes for a great clean up crew to any scouts who would enter a planets gravity well. The fighers are also well equipped to deal with Ogrov Torpedo Cruiser's and Solanus Adjudicator's. Bombers are useful in multiple situations such as if an enemy Vasari is trying to rush you with a Orkulus Star Base or using a captial ship heavy fleet.

Upgrade Level Squads Per Upgrade Focus Fire Fighter DPS Focus Fire Bomber DPS
0 2 28.8 35.7
1 6 86.4 107.1
2 10 144 178.5
3 14 201.6 249.9
4 20 288 357

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