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Embargo button
Ability User: Sova Carrier and Pirate Cutthroat (the latter can use only level 1 of Embargo)
Ability Type: Active
Target: Affects entire system.
Antimatter Cost: 85
Cooldown Time: 120
Duration: 60/90/120 [60 -> 86 -> 112 -> 138]
Range: N/A
  • Ship build time: 30%/60%/100% [30%/53%/77%/100%]
  • Structure build time: 30%/60%/100% [30%/53%/77%100%]
  • Phase Jump disabled (Trade/Refinery Ships)
  • Planet Tax Income Reduced 40%/70%/100% [40%/60%/80%/100%]

Steals income from the planet's production, slows construction of ships and structures, and denies enemy civilian merchant ships from leaving the gravity well. Extracted from the game. Numbers in brackets are for Rebellion.

All effects end prematurely if the Sova leaves the gravity well or is destroyed.

While embargo properly reduces the target enemy planet's tax income by 40,70,100%, the amount of income gained by the Sova's owner seems to be only about 40% (of the 100% reduced) at level 3. Insufficient playtest data for levels 1 and 2.

Embargo does not affect metal or crystal production, only credit tax. Embargo DOES affect capital planet tax; capital planets are prime targets for embargo.

Embargo can be a very useful ability if you are trying to get any of the civilian vessel destroying Achievements, especially combined with the Sova's large number of strike craft. This ability bears a vague resemblance to the Pirate Cutthroat's ability Plunder.

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