The Empire Tree is the noncombat research tree for the Vasari.

Expert Bounty Hunting and Raider Xenophobia were moved to the Manipulation Tree in Diplomacy.



Introduces advanced nanomachine technologies ranging from medicine to resource generation, trade, construction and more.

Name Viturska Imperial Labs Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Improved Salvaging1 Increases scuttle rate by +50.0%, and increases scuttle value +20.0%400/0/25
Artificial Longevity2 +20.0% faster pop growth600/50/100
Resource Sublimation2 Increases the metal and crystal production of your mining facilities by 5%.600/50/100
Orbital Processing3Entanglement FilteringUnlocks Orbital Refinery800/100/175
Wreckage Auto-Salvage3Improved SalvagingIncreases salvage value +8.3%800/100/175
Entanglement Filtering3Resource SublimationFurther increases the metal and crystal production of your mining facilities by 5%.800/100/175
Off-World Exports4 Unlocks Trade Port1000/150/250
Trauma Nanomedicine4Artificial Longevity +10.0% pop survival1000/150/250
Catalyzed Atomic Sorting5Entanglement FilteringFurther increases the metal and crystal production of your mining facilities by 5%.1200/200/325
Valuable Goods5Off-World ExportsIncreases the income of your trade vessels by +7.5%.1200/200/325
Power Draining Nanites5 Unlocks Nano Weapon Jammer1200/200/325
Molecular Assembly6 "ModuleBuildRateAdjustment" +5.0%1400/250/400
Enhanced Nanites6Power Draining Nanites 1400/250/400
Matter Decompilation7Catalyzed Atomic SortingFurther increases the metal and crystal production of your mining facilities by 5%.1600/300/475
Optimized Construction7 "ResourceCostAdjustment" +4.0%1600/300/475
Priceless Goods7Valuable GoodsFurther increases the income of your trade vessels by 7.5%.1600/300/475


Phase MasteryEdit

Gives access to phase space monitoring research, phasic barriers, FTL transmission, phase stabilization, and access to the Dark Fleet.

Name Viturska Imperial Labs Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Phase Space Monitoring1 Detects incoming enemies 1 jump away400/0/25
Long Range Jumps2 Allows inter-system travel600/50/100
Phasic Barrier3 Unlocks Phasic Barrier800/100/175
Phasic Cloaking4 Unlocks Phasic Cloaking1000/150/250
Worm Hole Stabilization4 Allows passage through wormholes1000/150/250
Extended Range Sensors4Phase Space MonitoringDetects incoming enemies 2 jumps away1000/150/250
Gravity Tolerance5 "HyperspaceExitDistanceAdjustment" -6.0%1200/200/325
Phase Tunneling5 Unlocks Phase Stabilizer1200/200/325
Phasic Transmissions6 "PlanetSlotsShipsAdjustment" +7.5%1400/250/400
Enhanced Tunneling7Phase Tunneling"HyperspaceSpeedPhaseGateAdjustment" +20.0%1600/300/475
Returning Armada8Enhanced Tunneling 1800/350/550
Highly Attuned Sensors8Extended Range SensorsDetect all phase jumps1800/350/550



Provides access to planet occupation methods, propaganda, trade and enslavement abilities.

Name Viturska Imperial Labs Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Full Terran Lockdown1 +7.5% Terran planet pop400/0/25


Fortification Specialists1 "PlanetUpgradeBuildRateAdjustment" +40.0% for "Infrastructure" planet upgrades, "PlanetUpgradeCostAdjustment" +25.0% for "Infrastructure" planet upgrades400/0/25
Expert Bounty Hunting1 "BountyCollectedAdjustment" +12.5%400/0/25
Arctic Occupation2 Allows Ice planet colonization600/50/100
Volcanic Occupation2 Allows Volcanic planet colonization600/50/100
Raider Xenophobia2 "PirateStrengthAgainstYouAdjustment" -10.0%600/50/100
Compelling Propaganda3 Unlocks Media Hub800/100/175
Enslaved Labor3 "CreditCostAdjustment" +4.0%800/100/175
Subzero Biology3Arctic Occupation +7.5% Ice planet pop800/100/175
Extreme Heat Metabolism4Volcanic Occupation +7.5% Volcanic planet pop1000/150/250
Regimented Thought4Compelling Propaganda +5.0% culture spread, +3.75% weapon damage when in culture1000/150/250
Shock and Awe5Regimented Thought +20.0% Capital Ship repel rate1200/200/325
Sulfurous Respiration5Extreme Heat Metabolism +7.5% Volcanic planet pop1200/200/325
Cunning Sympathizers6Regimented Thought +5.0% culture spread, +3.75% weapon damage when in culture1400/250/400
Vasari Structures
Logistics: Metal ExtractorCrystal Extractor Frigate Factory Capital Ship FactoryLirtestra Weapons LabViturska Imperial LabTrade PortMedia HubMatter Processor
Tactical: Missile PlatformHangar DefenseRegeneration BayPhase Jump InhibitorNano Weapon JammerPhase StabilizerKostura CannonTitan Foundry
Vasari Ships and Starbase
Corvettes: Tosurak Corvette (Loyalist) • Sulsurak Corvette (Rebel)
Frigates: Jikara NavigatorRavastra SkirmisherKanrak AssailantKarrastra DestructorJunsurak SentinelJarun Migrator
Cruisers: Lasurak TransporterStilakus SubverterSerevun OverseerSkarovas EnforcerSivuskras RuinerVoruntak Envoy
Capital Ships: Kortul DevastatorSkirantra CarrierJarrasul EvacuatorAntorak MarauderVulkoras DesolatorRankulas Battleship
Titans: Vorastra Titan (Loyalist) • Kultorask Titan (Rebel)
Starbase: Orkulus Star Base
Vasari Research Trees
Empire TreeWarfare TreeFortification TreeManipulation Tree

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