ExplosiveMines button
Explosive Mine


Hull: 30
Armor: 3
Explosive Mines detonate when enemy ships draw within a range of 650, dealing damage.

For a resource cost, the Sivuskras Ruiner randomly spreads 10 Explosive Mines around its current position.

Each mine does 700 points of damage in a radius of 1500 and can affect an unlimited number of targets caught in its explosion range.

Tactics Edit

Place mines where ships jump into your gravity well for a nastly surprise, and to delay enemy fleets that jump in, giving you time to build defenses and bring in a supporting fleet. Take care to notice where ships actually jump in. THE PHASE LANE LINES DO NOT INDICATE EXACTLY WHERE SHIPS JUMP IN. Place mines off to the sides of the phase lane.

Ship: Sivuskras Ruiner
Research Cost: None (Default Ability)
Type: Active
Target: Empty space
Resource Cost: Credits icon570 Metal icon135 Crystal icon70
Cooldown: 15
Range: n/a
Duration: n/a
  • Scatters 10 Explosive Mines around the Ruiner that activate at a range of 650, dealing 700 damage.

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