The Fortification Tree is the defense research tree for the Vasari.

Regeneration Bay and Hangar Defense were originally from the Warfare Tree.


Name Lirtestra Weapons Labs Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Regeneration Bay1 Unlocks Regeneration Bay400/0/25
Disruptor Nanites2 Unlocks Disruptor Nanites for Missile Platform600/50/100
Remote Assembly2 Unlocks Construct Starbase for Jarun Migrator600/50/100
Enforced Loyalty2 Unlocks Enforced Loyalty600/50/100
Hangar Defense2 Unlocks Hangar Defense600/50/100
Ruiner Prototype3 Unlocks Sivuskras Ruiner600/50/100
Colony Pods3Remote AssemblyUnlocks Colony Pods600/50/100
Merchant Cargo Bays4Remote Assembly, Offworld Exports (Empire Tree, Nanotechnology)Unlocks Merchant Cargo Bays500/75/125
Rapid Reintegration4Remote AssemblyUnlocks Debris Vortex800/100/175
Assault Deployment4 Starbase build rate in hostile grav. wells increased 25% per level1000/150/250
Phasic Trap4Hangar DefenseUnlocks Phasic Trap for Hangar Defense1000/150/250
Frontal Deflector Shield5 Unlocks Frontal Deflector Shield1200/200/325
Gravity Mines6Ruiner PrototypeUnlocks Gravity Mines1400/250/400
Phase Stabilizers6Phase Tunneling (Empire Tree, Phase Mastery)Unlocks Phase Stabilizer Arrays700/125/200
Maximized Firepower7Additional Weapons Banks +1, Damage increased 10%1600/300/475
Intelligent Armor7Hull increased 5% / 10%, Armor increased 3 / 6 points1600/300/475
Vasari Structures
Logistics: Metal ExtractorCrystal Extractor Frigate Factory Capital Ship FactoryLirtestra Weapons LabViturska Imperial LabTrade PortMedia HubMatter Processor
Tactical: Missile PlatformHangar DefenseRegeneration BayPhase Jump InhibitorNano Weapon JammerPhase StabilizerKostura CannonTitan Foundry
Vasari Ships and Starbase
Corvettes: Tosurak Corvette (Loyalist) • Sulsurak Corvette (Rebel)
Frigates: Jikara NavigatorRavastra SkirmisherKanrak AssailantKarrastra DestructorJunsurak SentinelJarun Migrator
Cruisers: Lasurak TransporterStilakus SubverterSerevun OverseerSkarovas EnforcerSivuskras RuinerVoruntak Envoy
Capital Ships: Kortul DevastatorSkirantra CarrierJarrasul EvacuatorAntorak MarauderVulkoras DesolatorRankulas Battleship
Titans: Vorastra Titan (Loyalist) • Kultorask Titan (Rebel)
Starbase: Orkulus Star Base
Vasari Research Trees
Empire TreeWarfare TreeFortification TreeManipulation Tree

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