Ability User: Revelation Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets friendly capital ships and frigates. Must have antimatter pool and must not be self.
Antimatter Cost: 75
Cooldown Time: 20
Duration: 15 -> 30 ->45
Range: 6000
  • Ability cooldown rate: 40%

Boosts the mental focus of the crew, allowing them to reduce ability cooldowns by operating more efficiently. Extracted from the game.


There are relatively few Advent abilities that are limited by cooldown. This ability is not worth using on any Advent frigates or cruisers, and most of their capital ship abilities already have sufficiently long duration that using them more often has little appreciable effect, and isn't worth spending antimatter on this capital ship. Ironically, the Reverie special ability is probably best suited to this buff, but the Revelation is unable to target itself and is a poor choice of capital ship to build multiples of.

This ability works best on allied capital ships from other factions, many of which can gain enormously from being able to use certain abilities in rapid succession. The Kol Battleship, Sova Carrier, Marza Dreadnought, Antorak Marauder, Jarrasul Evacuator, Vulkoras Desolator, and Skirantra Carrier all benefit substantially more than any Advent capital ship does.

The biggest problem with guidance is that it costs a substantial amount of antimatter, meaning you will be able to use Reverie (which is widely regarded the most powerful ability of the Revelation Battlecruiser by a significant margin) much less often. The net result is that you actually get to use fewer special abilities than you otherwise would, undermining the very purpose of this ability. As a result, guidance is often nominated for the dubious distinction of "worst ability in the game".


Patch 1.02 saw a major overhaul for Guidance. The ability cooldown rate was changed from 20/35/50% at respective levels to 40% at all levels. The ability's cooldown time was also changed from 20/15/10 seconds per level to 20 seconds at all levels. In exchange, its duration was changed from 20 seconds at all levels to 15/30/45 seconds per level.

In Patch 1.2, Guidance was completely reworked in to an area of effect ability that reduces cooldown times of all affected units, vastly improving its utility.

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