Hangar Defense
Cost: Credits icon950 Metal icon200 Crystal icon110
Build Time: 65 seconds.
Uses: 6 slot(s).
Hull: 6000
Repair: 2
Max Mitigation: 60%
Antimatter: 500
Recharge: 0.85
Experience value: 75
Squadrons supported: 3
Squadrons of strike craft defend nearby structures and the planet from hostile forces.
Shortcut: (W)

The Advent have their own variant of the Hangar Defense.

Official Description: Squadrons of strike craft defend nearby structures and the planet from hostile forces.


The Hangar Defense of the Advent faction is perhaps the greatest example of their defensive doctrine; support other structures in synergy with its Shield Bestowal and support for Homing Mines (in Entrenchment), and attacking with overwhelming numbers of powerful strike craft to bleed the enemy dry.

Used in conjunction with the Advent Transcencia Star Base and repair bays, they form one of the most effective defense synergies in the game. The Advent hangar defense is unique in that it holds three strike craft squads, instead of two. However, it costs more tactical slots.


The Hangar Defense has two upgrades. Both of which provide great synergy with the Advent defense scheme which is staying alive as long as possible to let your Starbase rain meteors upon your opponents.

  • Skilled Hangar Anima - It has two levels, with each level each squadron gains one more Fighter or Bomber. This begins to really add up as more strike craft are built. For example, a hangar has 3 squadrons of strike craft. With Skilled Hangar Anima upgraded you gain 2 strike craft per squadron. Assuming you went all bombers which have 7 bombers per squadron. Almost a whole squadron of bombers is gained just by having this upgrade on one Hangar.
  • Shield Bestowal - Provides all structures in the abilities radius +750 shields. This makes an excellent support upgrade and synergizes with the Beam Defense Platform's passive ability Synergy very well.



An example of strong defense placement.

The Advent Hangar Defense is the mainstay of Advent fortifications. When you need to defend an area it will be crawling with these. A lot of the time they are used to surround the Starbase as they will help keep it safe from bombers and the starbase in turn will keep the Defense Hangers safe from Frigates and Capital Ships. To compliment both the Hangars and the Starbase Repair Platforms are put in place to to keep the Hangars and Starbase healed up. As an Advent Rebel, the Temple of Renewal can provide a Shield Restoration ability to the Temple of Renewal and Repair Platform.

ShieldBestowal button
Shield Bestowal
SquadronManagement button
Squadron Management

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