Heavy Combat Cruisers, often simply called Heavy Cruisers, are the most powerful warships in any faction before Capital Ships. They are very well armed and quite durable. They sometimes form the backbone of late game fleets and can easily defeat any other non-capital ship in single combat, although are very vulnerable to Bombers.


  • Armor: Very Heavy (25% damage from Fighters, Colonization Frigates, Scout Frigates, and Anti-Strike Craft Frigates; 75% damage from Long Range Frigates; 50% damage from Siege Frigates, Light Frigates, and Support cruisers; and full damage from Bombers and Capital Ships)
  • Damage: Composite (150% damage to Scout Frigates, Colonization Frigates, Siege Frigates, Construction Frigates and Long Range Frigates; 125% damage to Support Cruisers, Light Carriers, and Anti-Strike Craft Frigates; and full damage to capital ships and Light Frigates)


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