A full list of unit quotes as of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Quotes of individual ships located in the same order as original .ogg files.


TEC ship voices are all male.

Strike CraftEdit

Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase Jump
Fighter N/A

Come in, TacCom, over.

Squadron checking in.

Squad leader here.

Copy that.

Banking left!

Turn and burn!

Accelerating to attack speed!

Light 'em up, boys!

I got tone!

Bogeys bearing zero-niner. (sic)

Bomber N/A

Bomber wing, reporting.

Copy that, TacCom!

Go ahead, TacCom!

Strike team on the move.

Copy that, TacCom!

Roger that!

Attack vector locked in!

We're coming in hot!

Strike run commencing!

Bring the noise!



Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Shriken Corvette The bigger they are, the harder I hit 'em!

Whadda you want?


I need some excitement!

Yeah, yeah...

How 'bout some attack orders?

(impatient growl)

Let's get 'em!

Moving into attack position!

I'll flank them!

Into the blue!
Stilat Corvette Nobody gets the job done like me!

About time.

Give me something to do!

Got something for me?

I'm moving, I'm moving!

I like it!

I'm on it already.

Here we go!

Charging weapons!

I'll show them what a real pilot can do!

And away we go!


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase Jump
Arcova Scout Frigate If it's out there, I'll find it.

What do you need to know?

Looking for something?

Where to now?

Point me in the right direction.

I'll find a way.

I'm already there.

On my way.

So, it's come to this...

If that's what you want...


Preparing for phase jump.
Cobalt Light Frigate Reporting for duty.

Got a job for me?

What now?

Give the order.

I'll do my best!

Yes, sir.

I won't let you down!


Let 'em have it!

I'm on it.

Phase jump underway.
Cobalt Light Frigate (pre-Entrenchment) Reporting for duty.

Got a job for me?

What now?

Give the order!

I'll do my best.

Good one!

You're the boss!

(hysterically) Attack!

Let 'em have it!

Eat this!

Phase jump underway!
Javelis LRM Frigate All ordnance accounted for.

Where's the target?

Call the shot!

You pick 'em - I'll stick 'em!

These missiles won't fire themselves!

Sounds good.

Whatever you say.

You got it!

Range locked in!

This volley's got your name on it!

This ought to shake things up!

Full power to jump drive!
Krosov Siege Frigate Give me something to bomb!

Give me a planet to bomb!

Waiting on you!

Who needs bombing today?

You got it!

On my way.

That's what I like to see!

This is gonna hurt!

This should be fun.

Bombs away!

All power to jump drive!
Garda Flak Frigate I heard you have a fighter problem.

ComLink online!

What's the plan?

Ready to swat some flies!


Will do, Command.


Tracking targets!

I've got 'em all lined up!

Let's clear these skies!

Phase jump - go!
Protev Colony Frigate New horizons await.

Uhm, where to, commander?

Go ahead.

Ready for orders.


Transmission received.

Y-yes, commander.

If you say so...

We'll do what we can... (nervous laugh)

They don't look friendly...

Uhm, okay...

Stand by for phase jump.


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Percheron Light Carrier Air wing at your disposal!

Who needs air support?

Commander's on deck!

What now, commander?

Lissen up you hotshots!

An excellent plan!

You heard the commander!

Coming about!

N/A Call our men and jump already!
Hoshiko Robotics Cruiser Behold, my creations!

Need repairs?

What can I fix for you?

My robots stand ready.


Yes, yes of course.

Such an elegant design.

I'll fix you good...

Seek... and destroy.

Weapon systems online.

Powering up jump drive. Stand by.
Cielo Command Cruiser Ready to lead!

Trust in my command!

I've been thinking.

Good day, commander.

A sound plan!

Follow my lead!

The order is given.

(with disgust) This is a soldier's job!

Press the attack!

On my mark!

Engineering, make ready for phase jump!
Kodiak Heavy Cruiser Ready for the frontlines!

Yes, commander?

Give the order!

Talk is cheap!

I'm on it.

Coming through!

I got point!

Good is done!

Come get some!

I can take 'em!

Chew on this!

Phase drive online.
Raloz Heavy Constructor Unintelligible
Ogrov Torpedo Cruiser Let's clear this place out.

You got launch codes?

What can I wreck for you?

I'm all ears!

I'm on the move.

Right away.

You got it.

Finger's on the button!

Warheads out.

Space junk coming up!

Powering up jump drive!
Neruda Envoy Cruiser Peace is a dream we've been chasing for a long time...

Shall I speak on your behalf?

What's our destination?

Envoy at your service.

An ambassador's work is never done.

Peace is the way forward!

Very well.

N/A Commencing phase jump.

Capital ShipsEdit

Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Kol Battleship Times of war are upon us.

Good day, commander.

ComLink active.

Ready for battle.

Yes commander, at once.

Easily done.

That's more like it!

Fire at will!

For the homeworld!

I'll make short work out of them!

This shall be our finest hour!

Plotting jump coordinates!
Sova Carrier Carrier at the ready.

Reading you loud and clear.

Standing by.

ComLink online!

Moving out.

Set a course.

You made the right choice.


Press the attack!

Launch the alert fighters!

Phase jump on my mark!
Akkan Battlecruiser All packed up and ready to go.

Reporting in.

Where do you need me?

How can I be of service?

We're underway.

Ahead slow!

A sound plan!

Brace for combat!

Secure the passengers!

Hold steady, we are going in!

All hands, prepare for phase jump!
Dunov Battlecruiser Systems calibrated.

Comm channel open!

I've got your back!

How can I help you, commander?

Ready and waiting!

Transmission received.


All systems go!

Ready weapons systems!

Engaging the enemy!

Target designated!

Calculating jump coordinates!
Marza Dreadnought Bringing out the big guns!

Need something destroyed?

Time is short.

Make it fast.

Watch this!


It's about time!

Time to kick some ass!

I've got a present for ya!

They're as good as dead!

This is how space junk is born!

All power to jump drive.
Corsev Battlecruiser Ready to take our troops to the frontline.

Standing by.

Ready to deploy!

This better not be another suicide mission.

Here we go again!

(sigh) I hope she holds together...

Like I got a choice...

Hold on tight!

Moving into boarding range!

Into the breach!

Rerouting power to the phase drive!


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Ankylon Titan Ready to provide cover for the fleet!

To Protect and Serve!

Our orders, commander?

Ready to move out!

True to the cause!

I'll never fail!

No enemy will get by us!

Shields up, we're going in!

For the Coalition!

Targets in sight!

Repel the invaders!

Diverting power to jump engines!
Ragnarov Titan Expand and Exterminate!

Ready to pack a punch!

Your orders?

Our cannon is itching for a target!

We'll see it done.

You don't have to tell us twice.

So be it!

We'll destroy every last one of them!

I put the laughter in slaughter!

Let's make some martyrs!

Eradicate those filthy rats!

Entering phase space.


The Advent's ship voices are feminine or, more often, those of children.

Strike CraftEdit

All Advent strike craft use unintelligible noises as their order responses.


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Acolyte Corvette Tell me how I might serve!

We sense you.

What do you desire?

We are prepared for anything!

We are one!

As we expected!

The path shall be cleared!

Death to the heathens!


The Unity strikes!

Opening a portal to phase space!
Vespa Corvette We have heard the summons!

How may we serve?

Shape our destiny!

What threatens the Unity?

It shall be done.

As the Unity desires.

By the Unity's bidding.

We will purify the corrupted!

Strike them down!

Our victory is certain!

Visualizing destination.


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Seeker Vessel I seek knowledge.

What needs revealing?

Guide me!

Show me the path!

My path is clear.

Unity be my guide!

All shall be revealed.

We are not afraid!

The Unity protects us.

Visualizing arrival.
Disciple Vessel Strength in Unity.

What's on your mind?

We answer the call.

Is it time?

I am the Unity's servant.

As you wish.

Without delay!

To the death!


No mercy!

Commencing phase jump.
Illuminator Vessel This light shall cleanse!

Command us!

Unity, light our path!

We are sworn to avenge!

As the Unity commands.


We bring the light.

Now, feel our wrath!

May our aim be true!

Deny the Unity - at your peril!

Phase jump visualized!
Purge Vessel Heathens will be purged!

Our destiny awaits.

Who must suffer!?

Our wait is over.


Judgement nears!

Their fate is sealed!

(borderline evil laugh) With pleasure!

Your time has come!

Preparing for phase jump.
Defense Vessel No swarm untouched!

Is there danger?

We are vigilant.

No threat shall linger!


If that is your wish.

In the Unity's name.


They shall fall!

Strike them down!

Visualizing phase jump.
Missionary Vessel Our word shall be spread!

We shall overcome!

What lies before us?

We are listening.

With one voice!

We understand!

For the Unity!

Unity, lend us strength!

Unity, watch over us!

We have no fear!

Initiating phase jump.


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase Jump
Aeria Drone Host We heed your call.

The Unity calls.

Our Anima stand ready!

Your desires?

The moment is upon us!

As the Unity wishes!

A wise choice.

N/A Divining arrival location.
Iconus Guardian May the Unity watch over us.

What troubles you?

Enlighten us.

Do not be afraid!

It has begun!

Very subtle.

A wise plan!

Away with these defilers.

None shall harm the Unity.

You shall come no closer!

Destination visualized.
Domina Subjugator Unity shall be restored!

Unity surrounds us

The future is ours!

Our talents are yours.

A fateful choice!

Just as we foresaw!

It shall be!

Do not dare resist!

Submit, heathens!

Join us, or die!

Jump preperations underway.
Destra Crusader At last, revenge shall be ours!

We are listening!

Direct our wrath!

The Unity calls.

The Unity has spoken.

Our minds are one!

We`ll see to it.

The... desecrators shall perish.

Make your peace!

Vengeance is ours!

Phase jump underway.
Talion Savior Unitelligeble
Solanus Adjudicator Heathens, beware.

Mercy is a weakness.

Who opposes the Unity?

What's the verdict?

As the Unity wills.

Judgement is inevitable!

Is is destined.

Behold, heathens!

(almost laughs) Nothing shall remain!

Prepare for judgement!

Arrival location visualized.
Herald Envoy Redemption awaits us all.

Who needs enlightenment?

Share your thoughts.

Unity, guide our hand.

The Unity's voice shall be heard.

We will make them understand.

Our destiny has already been written!

N/A Phase jump initiated.

Capital ShipsEdit

Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Radiance Battleship Vengeance is a cruel mistress.

Unleash our wrath!

(with disgust) You may speak.

Our time has come!

At last!

Our voices speak as one.

The Unity's will be done!

Tremble before the Unity!

None shall survive!

Feel our wrath!

Phase jump underway.
Revelation Battlecruiser The Unity cleanses all!

Enable our revenge!

We will wait no longer!

Your thoughts?

Great minds think alike.

The Unity agrees.

It is destined!

Embrace the end!

Smite these defilers!


You shall repent!

Make ready for phase jump!
Progenitor Mothership All shall join the Unity in time!

Is it time?

Speak your mind.

The future is ours!

Very wise.

Destiny unfolds.

Say no more!

Your time has come!

Heathens be purged!

Do not dare resist!

Stand by for phase jump.
Halcyon Carrier We are exiles no longer!

The Anima are restless.

Our vengeance is yours!

Your presence is strong.


Our will shall be done.

We'll consider it.

Glory to the Unity!

Cry for mercy!

Victory is at hand!

All power to jump drive!
Rapture Battlecruiser Our minds awaken.

We must act!

What does the Unity will?

We sensed your presence.

Our thoughts are one.


So shall it be!

Vengeance shall be ours!

Show no mercy!

Your suffering begins now!

Moving into phase space.
Discord Battleship Until we return to the beyond.

Where is our voice needed?

Guide us to the enemy.

The voices are ready!

The Unity shall persevere.

Our destiny has been set!

It has been written.

Ravage their souls!

(hysterical) Die! Die!

Shatter! Their! Will!

To the void!


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Coronata Titan We have come to bring the Unity's enlightenment to all!

We await the Unity's command!

We seek minds to make our own!

Revenge awaits!

The Unity calls us to action!

We obey the Unity's will!

We shall do as you command!

They will join us, or die!

The Unity commands your destruction!

The enemy will know our wrath!

Their worlds will burn in the Unity's flames!

Powering phase engines!

Eradica Titan We shall restore the Unity to its true purpose!

We will restore the Unity!

Our destiny will be restored!

Share in my strenght!

We move to obey!

We will make it so!

It is of no consequence.

Cleanse the corruption!

The wicked will be punished.

Into oblivion!

Deliverance awaits!

Invoking phase engines!


All Vasari have guttural, growling voices and frequently practice evil laughter.

Strike CraftEdit

Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Fighter N/A

This is Strike Leader!

Just give the word!

Fighter wing standing by.

We go.

We move.


On the hunt!

Engage at will.

They shall not escape.

Bomber N/A

Ready to strike!

Your orders?

We are assembled!


Moving out!


Death from above!

Target locked!

Ravage them!



Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Tosurak Corvette Corvette awaiting your command.


Who shall I strike?

What does the Empire command?

Moving out.


Order confirmed.

Death awaits them.

Targetting the enemy.

They will be destroyed.

Phase engines activating.
Sulsurak Corvette Joining the hunt!


Where do you want me?

Let's pick a fight!


Let's finish this quickly!

On the move!

This one's mine!

(parody on evil laughter)

I will end them.

Jumping into phase space!


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Jikara Navigator On the lookout!

Which way?

Let me investigate!

Point the way!

They can't hide from me!

The secret shall be revealed!

As fast as I can!

For victory!

Take this!

Jump drive at maximum!
Ravastra Skirmisher Frigate ready.

I await your command.

I need orders.

Standing by.


On my way.


None will survive.

Fire at will.


Phase jump initiated.
Kanrak Assailant Missiles loaded!

Poised to strike.

Give me a target.

In position.


The order is given.

I'll make it so.

They shall not survive!

Ready weapon systems!

Victory is at hand.

Phase drive activated.
Karrastra Destructor The planet will be ours.

Time is passing.

I wait.

Who opposes the Empire?


Of course.

So be it.

Victory is assured.

In the name of the Empire!

Destruction is assured!

Plotting jump coordinates.
Junsurak Sentinel I'll watch over the fleet!

Yours to command!

Where's the threat?

There's no time to loose!

It is certain.

It's safe for now.

Watch out!

Shoot them down!

Nothing shall remain!

Open fire!

Phase drive online!
Jarun Migrator Where will we settle?

To where do you send us?

Your plans?

Time to go?

Good idea.

I'll do what I must.

As you command.

If I must.

Prepare for combat.


Destination locked in.


Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Lasurak Transporter Carrier operational.

You seek my help?

Waiting on you.



A clever plan.

Lead the way.

N/A Powering jump drive.
Stilakus Subverter They'll never see me coming.

Where shall I strike?

Make your choice.

I need orders!

Perfect... (evil laugh)

Most devious.



Lights out!

They'll never know what hit them!

Full power to phase drive.
Serevun Overseer This eye never closes.

The enemy is out there.

It's time to move.

What do you need?

A cunning plan...


I'll keep an eye on it.

For the Empire.

Destroy them all!

Spare no-one.

Jump coordinates locked in.
Skarovas Enforcer In the Empire's honour.

Let's get on with it!


Out with it!


Do not cross me!

An honour!

Leave them to me!

For the honour of the Empire!

They don't stand a chance.

All power to phase drive.
Sivuskras Ruiner My mines are ready.

Watch your step!

Where do you want these?

I'm listening.

I've got a present for you!

They won't like these!

The trap is set.

Setting charges...

N/A Phase jump underway.
Voruntak Envoy Our Empire will be restored... by any means!

What is your command?

What is our next move?

We must make haste!

Our deception shall be perfect.

The plot moves forward.

We need to make this work.

N/A Phase engines engaged!

Capital ShipsEdit

Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
Kortul Devastator We shall rule again!

Time is fleeting.

Don't waste my time!

My strength is yours.

Hardly a challenge.

Don't rush me!

It shall be done.

I will crush you!

Who shall die first!?

None can oppose me here!

This little one's mine!

Begin jump sequence!
Skirantra Carrier Our glory shall be restored!


Don't underestimate me!

What is it now?



Consider it done!

No retreat!

All batteries open fire!

Kill them all.

Jump sequence... intiated!
Jarrasul Evacuator The journey begins anew.

Our time is short.


What would you ask of me?

I'll see to it!

An excellent plan.


Death to the enemy!

In the Empire's honour!

No turning back!

Preparing for phase jump.
Antorak Marauder On the loose!

Where shall I strike?

I can wait no longer.

You may speak.

No time to waste.

Without delay.

Why should I?..

Run for your life!

None shall escape!

Let terror reign!

Jump drive online!
Vulkoras Desolator My power is unmatched!

Spare the pleasantries!

Unleash my power!

Show me ya target!

You dare threaten me!?

By any means necessary.

Leave it to me!

Clear the way!

I go to destroy!


Annihilation awaits!

Maximum firepower!

Phase drive operational.
Rankulas Battleship Nanite command protocols are now syncronised!

Ready to assemble!

Reactors standing by!

What shall we create?



We are in agreement!

Release the nanites!

Swarm them!

Commence disintegration!

Initialising phase engines!


Ship Creation Selection General order General order Phase jump
Vorastra Titan The Maw hungers!

We hunger.

Why do we delay?

We must hurry!


Your order shall be fulfilled!

Preparing to depart!

Eradicate them!

Resources for the taking!

Leave none alive!

I will devour them all!

Power the phase drive!
Kultorask Titan None shall escape me!

Which enemy will be first?

Ready to engage.

Awaiting new prey.

By your command!

It will be done.

Moving forward!

They're in my grasp!

They're not going anywhere!

Lashing out!

They won't survive!

Phase engines engaging!


The Pirate(s) fit Age of Sail stereotypes in accent and jargon. Probably too well.

Ship Creation Selection General order Attack order Phase jump
All Pirate ships N/A

Look sharp, ya space rats!

Ahoy there, cap'n!

Treasure, ya say?

Set sail, me hearties! (?)


Better be worth it!

Fresh for the takin'!

Pillage and plunder!

Grab what ya can, lads!

Blood before booty!

Batten down the hatches and fire up the phase drive!