Induced Reverence is an upgrade for the Advent Transcencia Star Base, which compels the planet's population to be more devout to the Unity, resulting in higher max allegiance from the planet when it is under Advent control.


This is nothing more than an economical increase. Although it really is not that good of one, there is really no known reason you should get this ability as it is severely expensive for its cost. Not counting the actual research cost and Allure of the Unity, and only the upgrade cost for this ability it takes around eighteen minutes to pay off itself in credits. In long drawn out games this upgrade can be worth it. But it takes a severly long time to pay off the whole thing(As Ore and Crystal cannot be measured).

Upgrade Level



Tax Increase

Tax Increase

With Allure of the Unity

(Level 2)

1 15% +2.1 +2.9
2 30% +3.3 +4.1

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