Serevun Overseer

the Serevun Overseer

Jump Degradation is an ability that can be upgraded into the Serevun Overseer, It is the final ability this ship can get. To research this ability requires six Lirtestra Weapons Labs, along with prerequisite research of Mobile Phase Detection and Overseer Prototype. The in game research tree description is "Grants the Jump Degradation ability to Serevun Overseers, allowing them to delay enemy reinforcements phase jumping towards it." The in game ship description is "Causes enemy ships phase jumping to the gravity well this ship occupies to travel there more slowly." This ability uses 100 Antimatter, has a cooldown of 30, and a duration of 120. This ability results in a 50% loss of speed for its unfortunate target. Although this ability is third to be researched it is second in the ships menu.

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