The starbase disrupts the outbound phase lanes of its gravity well, causing hostile ships that are jumping away to take damage and lose antimatter.

Overview Edit

An ability of theOrkulus Star Base, Transcencia Star Base, and Argonev Star Base it causes all enemies that are jumping away from the Gravity Well that has a friendly star base to lose Hull Points and Antimatter.

Tactics Edit

In competitive games, this ability is most useful in combination with a strong fleet. If your enemy attacks one of your gravity wells where you have a star base defending, if you can force the enemy to retreat, follow their retreating forces with your own fleet and engage them (if possible). The enemy ships will have no antimatter and will have taken moderate hull damage, so your fleet will have a moderate combat advantage against them for the next few minutes.

Unless the defender immediately pursues the retreating enemy fleet (which is not always a good idea), the effects of Jump Destabilization are minimal.

Upgrade Level

Current Hull Points Lost

Antimatter Removed
0 30% 100%
1(TEC only) 50% 100%

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