An upgrade in the Harmony Tree, the whole of the Unity focuses thought on research, reducing the time required to make a breakthrough.

Upgrade Level Upgrade Time Research Time Decrease Cost
1 42 11% 400/0/25
2 47 22%


3 53 33% 600/0/70


  • Due to the fact that this requires only one temple of harmony to research, it is an important early game advantage, and continues through until the higher tier, late game units and technologies.
  • Even though it takes a total of 142 time to research, the time saved by this is recognizable extremely quickly, as a 33% decrease in the time consumed to resarch the rest of the first and second tier technologies in the harmony tree results in a total of 218 time save resulting in a decrease of time for this level of research, and then continues to provide an advantage mid and late game.

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