The Manipulation Tree is the diplomatic research tree for the Vasari.

Expert Bounty Hunting and Raider Xenophobia were originally from the Empire Tree.


Name Viturska Imperial Labs Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Expert Bounty Hunting1Increases the maximum bounty collected by 13%/25%.400/0/25
Xeno-Manipulation1Grants the the ability to offer missions to other factions.400/0/25
Inter-Species Relations1Gives plus 1 to relationship bonus.400/0/25
Voruntak Prototype2Unlocks Voruntak Envoy600/50/100
Inter-Species Union2Inter-Species RelationsGive an additional plus 1 to relationship bonus.600/50/100
Raider Xenophobia2Decreases pirate raid strength by -10%/-20%600/50/100
Xeno Influence3Xeno-ManipulationAllows you to offer and demand gifts of Credits, Metal, and Crystal from opposing factions.800/100/175
Inter-Species Affinity3Inter-Species UnionGive an additional plus 1 to relationship bonus.800/100/175
Expert Bribery3Xeno InfluenceIncreases the maximum relationship gain from resources by 1, and the amount gained from Metal by 100%.800/100/175
Mutual Threat4Voruntak PrototypeUnlocks Mutual Threat1000/150/250
Resource Pact4Improves metal and crystal production for factions that sign the pact with each other.1000/150/250
Raider Relations4Expert BriberyAllows you to offer missions to pirate factions.1000/150/250
Nanomedicine Outreach5Mutual ThreatUnlocks Nanomedicine Outreach1200/200/325
Phase Drive Pact5Resource PactIncreases gravity tolerance and phase jump charge, and decreases phase jump antimatter cost for factions that sign the pact with each other.1200/200/325
Enemy Relations6Removes the racial relations penalty.1400/250/400
Nano Tech Pact6Phase Drive PactIncreases repair rate for factions that sign the pact with each other.1400/250/400
Tactical Pact6Increases tactical slots for factions that sign the pact with each other.1400/250/400
Grant Amnesty7Nanomedicine OutreachUnlocks Grant Amnesty1600/300/475
Structure Pact7Nano Tech PactIncreases structure hull for factions that sign the pact with each other.1600/300/475
Armament Pact8Structure PactIncreases weapons rate of fire for factions that sign the pact with each other.1800/350/550
Vasari Structures
Logistics: Metal ExtractorCrystal Extractor Frigate Factory Capital Ship FactoryLirtestra Weapons LabViturska Imperial LabTrade PortMedia HubMatter Processor
Tactical: Missile PlatformHangar DefenseRegeneration BayPhase Jump InhibitorNano Weapon JammerPhase StabilizerKostura CannonTitan Foundry
Vasari Ships and Starbase
Corvettes: Tosurak Corvette (Loyalist) • Sulsurak Corvette (Rebel)
Frigates: Jikara NavigatorRavastra SkirmisherKanrak AssailantKarrastra DestructorJunsurak SentinelJarun Migrator
Cruisers: Lasurak TransporterStilakus SubverterSerevun OverseerSkarovas EnforcerSivuskras RuinerVoruntak Envoy
Capital Ships: Kortul DevastatorSkirantra CarrierJarrasul EvacuatorAntorak MarauderVulkoras DesolatorRankulas Battleship
Titans: Vorastra Titan (Loyalist) • Kultorask Titan (Rebel)
Starbase: Orkulus Star Base
Vasari Research Trees
Empire TreeWarfare TreeFortification TreeManipulation Tree

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