Media Hub

Media Hub

Cost: Credits icon900 Metal icon100 Crystal icon150
Build Time: 43 seconds.
Uses: 4 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 4500
Armor: 0
Broadcasts your culture
Shortcut: (T)

Media Hubs spread the Vasari's culture into adjacent systems and beyond. The spread of culture is represented by the phase lanes connecting systems turning their color. This increases allegiance at planets owned by you and your allies, and decreases allegiance at enemy planets.


The Vasari gain access to the Media Hub after researching Compelling Propaganda. The Vasari also have multiple upgrades that when used will improve the rate at which culture spreads as well as the bonuses received when fighting inside your own culture. Regimented Thought and Cunning Sympathizers will improve Culture spread rate by 20%, and increase damage output in their own culture by 15%. Shock and Awe causes culture to be harder to spread in friendly gravity wells where capital ships are present.

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