Meteoroid Control is an upgrade for the Advent Transcencia Star Base allowing the starbase to telekinetically manipulate meteorites near this gravity well for offensive purposes.


Researching this upgrade grants the starbase two abilities. Meteor Storm a large AoE fleet wiping ability. And Final Judgment this ability targets a planet and hurls waves of Meteorites at it. If you plan on getting this upgrade it is wise to equip the starbase with Enhanced Preservation and get as many defensive upgrades as possible as it will be a primary target for your enemy should he feel threatened by your starbase. Against a TEC or Advent player it would be better to also upgrade Punitive Measures as Meteor Storm can take care of any Ogrovs that attempt to attack it. But against a Vasari Drone Capacity would likely be wiser in keeping your Starbase safe due to their anti-starbase weapon being their starbase as well.

Upgrade Level





Damage (Meteor Storm)
1 200 2.5 500
2 400 3.5 750

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