MissileBatteries button
Ability User: Sova Carrier
Ability Type: Active
Target: Self
Antimatter Cost: 70
Cooldown Time: 35
Duration: 180
Range: N/A
Effect(s): N/A

Deploys a stationary weapons platform that attacks enemies within the area for a brief time.

Missile batteries have the following unit stats:

Missile Battery Attributes
level 1 2 3
hull 750 1000 1250
shield 120 140 160
armor 3 4 5
range 8500 8500 8500
damage 15 19 25

These missile batteries have light armor type and anti-medium type damage, the same as the Javelis LRM Frigate. Missile Batteries are very useful against Pirates, who will often devote up to half their fleet to destroying them, despite the object's temporary nature, the strength of its hull and weapons are also helpful in delaying them from attacking objects you might miss later.

They are affected by Hull, Shield and Armor research but not missile research.

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