Motherships, sometimes called Colonization Capital Ships, sacrifice some combat abilities for the ability to colonize planets. This is an immense economic advantage (more than it first appears) and it makes motherships an ideal choice for your first Capital Ship. Though the description accurately notes that the ship has somewhat compromised combat abilities, it does get a strike craft squadron, and it means not having to worry about Colony Frigates, which are slow, vulnerable, easy targets for the enemy, and perpetually low on antimatter. Because they are slower than other types of capital ships, many players choose to send their motherships away from their main fleet in the late game, since they're virtually sitting ducks. If you do bring them into a fleet battle, ensure they are well protected.


  • Damage: Capital Ship (25% damage to Fighters; 75% damage to Scout Frigates, Colonization Frigates, Long Range Frigates, and Bombers; and full damage to all other ships)


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