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This is the most recent patch. It was released on August 16, 2011 and is only available for the Diplomacy expansion.

This patch includes a number of bug fixes and balance improvements reported by the community.




  • Fixed autocasting on Worthy Cause envoy ability. It will no longer target the player’s own planets (as intended).
  • Fixed the Trade Pact so that cargo ships get their HP bonus as intended
  • Corrected TEC Siege Frigate research time to match its tier
  • Corrected TEC Wormhole Travel research time to match its tier
  • Corrected the Catastrophe Recovery research time to match its tier
  • Corrected the Advanced Arctic Colonies research time to match its tier
  • Corrected the Nuclear Smelting research time to match its tier
  • Switched the TEC planetary shield buff priority to keep it from creating non-stop entity counts


  • Illusionary squadrons will no longer give bounty or XP
  • Updated the Shield Pact to grant +15% to max shield points and +15% phase missile block (from 10%)
  • Corrected the modifier on Cultural Assistance to correctly increase the planet upgrade build rate
  • Corrected the Advent Wormhole Travel research time to match its tier


  • Fixed the Pricing Pact to correctly make purchasing resources cheaper
  • Updated the Phase Jump Pact so that two Vasari players can now share one another’s phase node networks


  • Reduced the AI Relationship bonus growth rate for Unfair, Cruel and Vicious AI types
  • Reduced overall AI Relationship growth rate from 0.0003 to 0.0002 per second
  • Fixed a crash related to bombing planets
  • Increased Deconstruction rate from 30 hp/sec to 50 hp/sec
  • Updated Deconstruction autocasting to only target structures that have no weapons
  • Military Actions are now counted regardless of location as intended. Previously they would only count in neutral gravity wells, which made the stat not update as designed.
  • Military Actions formula corrected to now be based off fleet supply/100 for ships
  • Military Actions is now capped at +3.0 from +5.0
  • The game will now cache rolls for player missions so that the AI no longer randomly decides to reject missions part way in
  • Players will now be able to offer the AI resource missions as soon as they've researched the required tech
  • Fixed lag issue that some players would see when a mission was completed by any player
  • Players will now automatically break Pacts when they die


  • Mission completion/failure for player missions will no longer trigger completion/failure sound effects


  • Added a new AIAutocastUseTargetCondition – HasNoWeapons
  • Hooked up the min/max pirate supply numbers in gameplay.constants


  • Removed an old assert for envoys (only noticeable with the dev .exe)
  • Removed a dead entity in the entity manifest

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