Domina Subjugator

Grants the Perseverance ability to Domina Subjugators, allowing them to assist disabled or damaged friendly units and structures


Perseverance is a useful secondary support ability that can be researched for the Domina Subjugator. This ability requires six Temples of Hostility and prerequisite research of the Subjugator Design. Targets Friendly capital ships, Frigates, and Structures but It cannot target itself, this ability repairs 25.0 hull per second and makes its target immune to being disabled.

The Subjugator must channel this ability, meaning it must remain stationary and cannot attack for the full duration. If you order it to move, attack, or use a

An allied Revelation under the effects of Perseverance.

different ability, the effects end prematurely. This makes the Domina with perseverance the most difficult repair cruiser of the three factions to use, despite appearing much later in the game than the Hoshiko or Overseer.


While lacking the mobility of the Hoshiko and Overseer the Domina excells in the fact that the ships under its effects cannot be Disabled. This makes it excellent at counter disabling an enemy. For example, an enemy TEC player brings along his level 6 Marza Dreadnought and a Akkan Battlecruiser his strategy is to use Barrage and disable anyone who could disable the Marza. With the Domina's Perseverance active on any disablers, this completely counters the TEC's strategy and makes him waste barrage. The healing debuff also adds up upon completion making it a very powerful ability.

Upgrade Level

Hull Repair per second

Duration Range Cooldown Antimatter Cost Targets Total Hull Repaired
1 25 40 5000 60 150 Friendly Frigates/Capital Ships/Starbases/Titans/Structures/Corvettes 1000

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