Ability User: Antorak Marauder
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets capital ships, frigates and structures.
Antimatter Cost: 60 -> 50 -> 40
Cooldown Time: 5 -> 3 -> 2
Duration: 6 -> 8 -> 10
Range: 7000
  • Invulnerable
  • Abilities disabled
  • Construction disabled
  • Phase Jump disabled
  • Sub-light main engines disabled
  • Sub-light maneuvering engines disabled
  • Passive regeneration disabled
  • Weapons disabled
  • Phased out
  • 200 damage to enemy targets
  • + 200 Sheilds to Friendly targets

Shifts the target into phase space, making it invulnerable but also preventing it from attacking. Extracted from the game.

This ability is very useful for interrupting channeled abilities such as Missile Barrage and disabling dangerous ships such as a power surged Kortul Devastator.

This ability also interupts phase jumping and can be used to trap capital ships or other targets in a gravity well. Using it every time a ship is about to finish jumping out of the system effectively traps the ship in the system and the time when the ship is trying to charge up a phase jump can be used to inflict damage.

  • Edit & Additional* (Edit being the removal of "enemy" from the targeting description as Phase Out Hull is most useful when used defensively)

Additional - Phase Out Hull is the most useful defensive ability in the Vasari fleet. While it disables a ship it doesn't leave the target unable to have it's sheilds/hull points restored from other ships abilities. Doing this may render your ship useless for the duration but with the Skirantra Carrier's Repair Cloud, the Serevun Overseer's Reactive Nanite Armour & the overall +200 shields of the Phase Out Hull ability itself when used on friendly units you can protect any almost destroyed capital ship and restore it to full hull & moderate shields in a very short period.

This tactic has saved many of my capital ships from certain destruction by being repaired when invulnerable.

It also forces your enemies to change targets, further dampening the damage delt by the targeting fleet as they turn to face another available target (asuming the ship your trying to save is actively being targeted)!

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