Phase Space technology is one of the fundamental technology's that allows your empire to expand, explore, and conquer the galaxy so your empire can grow and thrive against your enemies.

Uses Edit

Phase Space technology is used in a variety of ways from phase inhibitors that delay the time it takes to from enemy ships to enter phase space, phase space cloaking that allows vasari scout ships to hide in phase space to perform spy missions, to Phase Space sensors that can help your empire trake down any enemy. Phase jumps can be made from different planets that head to one of your planets, and phasic missiles that the vasari use on all their ships that allows them to bypass enemy shielding and attack the hull directly inflicting heavy damage to the enemy ship. Most notably phase space technology is used by all race to allow faster-than-light travel by using their phase drives with which they enter phase space that allows your empire's ships to cover vast distinces from planet-to-planet or to other star systems in a very short time.

Disavantages Edit

One of the major disavantages to phase space technology is with phase drives. In order to activate a phase jump from one system to another the ship must firstly be in a correct position outside a planet's gravity well and aligned towards its target system. Ships preparing for phase jumps will be defenseless and all strike craft from carriers/capitals will be automatically recalled. Additionally, with the exception of vasari systems with phase stabilisers, phase jumps can only occur on marked pre-existing lanes which can make re-routing fleets to some systems difficult or conversely easier to defend (i.e.: bottleneck systems). Phase jumps between star systems can only be initiated from the star itself and takes you to the target star, wormholes between systems do not constitute a phase jumps so can be a much quicker form of travel between systems.

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