Pirate Corsair


Hull: 1540
Armor: 8
Experience value: 50

The Pirate Corsair is the Pirate counterpart to the Kodiak Heavy Cruiser of the TEC.


Like all pirate ships, it has increased hull and armor compared to the TEC version, but no shields. Corsairs serve as tanks for the Pirates and almost always appear in large numbers. They have no special abilities when compared to their TEC counterparts (Corsairs obtained from Pirate Mercenaries or other means will have the Intercept ability like the Kodiak, if it has been researched).


Using the Pirate CorsairEdit

A much better, and much more potent ship, as it will actually cause damage when compared to the Pirate Rogue. They form the main pirate offense and should be used for your front line assaults. Pirate Corsairs are relatively on-par with Kodiak Heavy Cruisers , although if you plan on using Corsairs more frequently than Kodiaks, invest in more armor and hull upgrades. In terms of abilities the Corsair gains the Kodiak's Intercept ability when researched but it doesn't prove to be too useful in combat situations, unless you're chasing down an enemy that's trying to escape from a gravity well.

Fighting the Pirate CorsairEdit

Highly dangerous but can be defeated if you have a Capital Ship on your side. Corsairs can deal a considerable amount of damage during raids, especially with large Pirate raiding fleets, so they should be dealt with accordingly. Always travel in groups along with cutthroats. The Corsair will usually focus entirely on the defending fleet or structures of the planet, while its attending Cutthroats gather bounty by destroying civilian structures and ships. Corsairs are the mainly used Pirate ship, fourteen of them can usually be found defending a Pirate base, more than any of the other ships.

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