Adds multiple weapons onto the Transcencia Star Base. Laser, multiple Heavy Laser Batteries add more mid-ranged firepower to the Starbase. Psionic Surge, Legions of Psintagrat aboard channel their talents to unleash attacks against enemies at extreme range.


This upgrade is just an overall improvement to the starbases autoattack. It can be upgraded through research to do more damage through Amplified Punishment. Tactically this is probably a must have upgrade for a starbase thats main purpose is to defend against a large number of enemies as the DPS from this upgrade is very high. This upgrade however is not required on a starbase that has the sole purpose of being used for economic purposes.

Upgrade Level Weapon Type Average Damage Average Damage(After Research) Weapons Banks




0 Plasma 106 195 4 5
1 Laser 128 204 4 5
2 Psionic Surge 120 154 4 5

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