Random - Large (Single) or Random - Large Single-Star is an eight player random map in Sins of a Solar Empire consisting of 1 star and 65 planets.

Official Description: The galaxy is a big place. Up to seven other empires exist in one large system. Can you dominate them all? This map is randomly generated each time it is played.

This map, along with Random - Huge (Single), is one of the multiplayer community's favorite map selections. Unlike some of the smaller random map generators, the random - large map tends to place the human players in very close proximity in the outer reaches of the solar system, with a dense thicket of neutral planets ripe for the picking in the core of the system.

It is not uncommon to see all-in rushes on this map, with players often starting within 2-3 jumps of each other. As a result, this is one of the only scenarios where placing a starbase on your homeworld can be a perfectly viable opening move. Like always, you should scout and weigh your options before sinking such a massive investment. The large amount of unclaimed real-estate in the solar system's core also means there is a potential to build ludicrously powerful economies. It is not unheard of for "pocket" players (those who are protected on both flanks by allies) to be able to amass incomes exceeding 300 credits per second in under an hour.


  • The in-game description for Random - Large (Single) states that nine other empires exist when it should say seven other empires exist.

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