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Random - Small is a two player random map in Sins of a Solar Empire consisting of 1 star and 20 planets.

Official Description: Conquering this small system will be your first step towards galactic hegemony. This map is randomly generated each time it is played.

Tactics: The Random - Small map is considered the standard 1 vs 1 map in multiplayer. Although it has a high degree of randomness (as the name would suggest), the player-base in Sins of a Solar Empire favors the variability of random maps. The uncertainty of the random map generator encourages a more balanced build-up until you've finished scouting. As with all random maps, scouting is very important and the majority should be completed within 10 minutes.

Usually this map will place the players 5-8 jumps apart. If the intervening planets are large gravity wells or filled with heavy militia, this can put you well out of rushing range and give you time to safely do some economic booming. It's not unheard of for players to have a significant number of heavy cruisers operational in time for the first battle on Random - Small. The map usually forms a ring around the star, with one approach on either side. This tends to create hard choke points, and the pirate base is often a strategically valuable planet by offering an alternate approach down the middle of the map.

The key to playing Random - Small is to quickly scout and identify the most valuable planets and bee-line for them while acquiring planets nearby your homeworld to build a strong economy. There is a substantial opportunity for set-up before the first shots are fired, enabling you to focus on building up an economy or grabbing strategic worlds with the hopes of pulling ahead in the long-run.

Random - Small occasionally creates maps where the players must travel through the pirate base to attack each other. It is the only random map generator which does this.

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