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Regeneration Bay

Regeneration Bay

Cost: Credits icon400 Metal icon100 Crystal icon75
Build Time: 55 seconds.
Uses: 2 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 3000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
Repairs friendly ships near the planet over time.
Shortcut: (E)

Regeneration Bays can repair ships and structures near them. They must be researched before they can be built. With only 15 Hull points restored per second the Bay falls way behind the Repair Platforms of the other two races (Advent: 30 HP restored/sec. and Tec: 20-30-40 HP restored/sec. depending on upgrades). However, it is quite antimatter-efficient.

Cost: 400 Credits 100 Metal 75 Crystal
Build Time: 60 Seconds
Tactical Slots: 2
Hull: 3500
Armor: 12
Antimatter 300
Range 12000
Ability 20 antimatter -> +300 hull over 20 secs; cooldown 5
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