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Ability User: Skirantra Carrier
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets owned frigates
Antimatter Cost: 125 -> [100]
Cooldown Time: 180 -> [160]
Duration: 150 -> [175]
Range: 6000
Effect(s): Creates 3 -> [4] temporary copies

Construction nanites quickly reproduce copies of a targeted unit, instantly bolstering your fleet. Extracted from the game.

Creates 3 copies of the target frigate or cruiser. The copies will last for 150 seconds before disapearing. This duration is not shown in game.

This ability is also able to target Vulkoras Desolator Siege Platforms, which means pairing a higher level Skirantra Carrier with one will make planet bombing go much faster.

Bracketed number represent Rebellion expansion.

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