Ability User : Ragnarov Titan

Ability type : Active

Antimatter cost : 65

Cooldown time : 60

Range : 6000

Duration : 30

If user does not have Overcharge :

Damage : 250 -> 500 -> 750 -> 1000

Armor : -5 -> -6 -> -7 -> -8

If user has Overcharge :

Damage : 375 -> 750 -> 1125 -> 1500

Armor : -5 -> -6 -> -7 -> -8

The titan fires a salvo of projectiles, dealing damage and lowering armor in a cone in front of the ship. Though commonly used as a second to snipe it is extremely deadly when going against a large fleet or defensive structures and starbases when their shields are down as it will remove a significant portion of their armor. Against frigates, the titan is easily capable of popping a whole group of them in front of the gun. This ability can also be used effectively with Snipe when fighting a capital ship with escorts, as Scattershot may be used to first damage or sometimes even destroy the capital ship's escorts, then followed up by an Overcharged Snipe to cripple the ship.

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