Secrets is a four player map in Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy consisting of 1 star and 34 planets.

Official Description: This system was the site of a fierce battle between ancient races. If you dare journey beyond the wormhole into the graveyard, you may find the remains of ancient starships crashed on planetoids therein, and the secrets they hold.

Practical description Edit

All players start at left half of map, consisting of big rectangle with 2 starting planets at each half of it (top and bottom)

Map is Designed for 2v2, and as such, when it is changed to FFA/1v1, you are going to start single jump from enemy, making rushing strategies quite powerful.

In case you play the game normally/ you don't want to rush, there is a wormhole from the right-middle side (with pirate base on the other side of the rectangle). Behind it, there is a large amount of space debris "planets", and thus neutral extractors. Although description might hint otherwise, this part of the map isn't really that powerful: few neutral extractors with low protection are always nice, but there are no real secrets/must-take-stuff in there, making the research of wormhole usage medium priority

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