A lone Jikara Navigator using its Selective Phasing ability


Allows this ship to shift itself into Phase space, where it becomes immune to all attacks at the expense of weapons and movement. Antimatter is consumed while in Phase space.

Ship: Jikara Navigator
Research Cost: Credits icon1000 Metal icon150 Crystal icon250
Type: Active
Target: Self
Antimatter Cost: 3 per second (at the second level, 2 per second)
Cooldown Time: 5
Duration: Variable
Range: n/a
  • Invulnerable
  • Phase Jump disabled
  • Sub-light main engines disabled
  • Sub-light maneuvering engines disabled
  • Passive regeneration disabled
  • Weapons disabled
  • Phased out


Selective Phasing is a useful ability many overlook. More advanced players easily make good use of this ability in order to avoid weapons fire, or to retrieve additional scouting data without making the Jikarta vulnurable. At its second level, Selective Phasing is great for monitoring stars because the star resupplies antimatter faster than the ability drains it.

When using Selective Phasing though, make sure to turn autocast off, else the frigate's automatic use of the ability will drain antimatter and may eventually kill it.

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