Sins of a Solar Empire Wiki is the current wiki for the Sins of a Solar Empire universe.


There were originally two wiki's dedicated to Sins of a Solar Empire.

  • The SoaSE Wiki is an independently hosted site dedicated to providing a complete set of in-game reference material, alongside strategies and tactics submitted by fans.
  • The Sins of a Solar Empire Wiki is focused on housing the most detailed and accurate in-game reference material possible, and is hosted by the Wikia wiki hub.

Both wiki's firmly believe in Inter-Wiki Cooperation, and have agreed to a Share and Share Alike Alliance. Most content on both wiki's comes directly from game files and official sources - there is no good reason that multiple people should need to transcribe the same data.

If one wiki contains more complete factual information, please feel free to migrate that content to the other wiki. However, when doing so please be aware that style guidelines may differ from wiki to wiki in some areas; a simple copy and paste may not be appropriate.

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