Cielo Command Cruiser
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Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Support
Shield Power: 250
Hull Points: 850
Armor Level: 1
Armor Type: Heavy
Weapons (Fore): Heavy Pulse Laser
Damage Type: Antiheavy
Antimatter: 350
Abilities: Embolden / Designate Target
Cost 425 credits, 25 metal, 60 crystal
Supply Slots 6
Build Time 30
.entity Filename FrigateTechUtility0.entity

Cielos are command and control centers for the TEC fleet. Staffed by hundreds of experienced coordinators and command staff, and equipped with the newly developed Tactical and Targeting Analysis (TATA) computers, the Cielo is able to boost the attack power and efficiency of any fleet it accompanies. Should allied ships find themselves close to defeat, each Cielo‘s command crew is effective at issuing a rallying call to embolden the battle-worn crews.

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