Defense Vessel
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Ship Type: Frigate
Primary Role: Anti-Fighter / Bomber Escort
Shield Power: 620
Hull Points: 650
Armor Level: 3
Armor Type: Heavy
Weapons (Fore): Pulse Laser Turrets
Damage Type: Antiverylight
Antimatter: 0
Cost 350 credits, 40 metal, 20 crystal
Supply Slots 4
Build Time 35
.entity Filename FrigatePsiAntiFighter.entity

Although designed to counter enemy fighters and bombers, the Defense vessel is also adept at taking on opposing frigates and cruisers. With its pulse laser turrets, the Defense is capable of targeting enemies in almost any direction. Single Defense Vessels are weak, but used in large numbers or as an escort group, they can be a force to be reckoned with, especially when used as escort for capital ships. An Advent crew member feels at ease when he can sense the presence of a fleet of Defense Vessels guarding his flank.

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