Destra Crusader
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Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Heavy Combat
Shield Power: 825
Hull Points: 775
Armor Level: 4
Armor Type: VeryHeavy
Weapons (Fore): Plasma Cannons
Damage Type: Composite
Antimatter: 0
Cost 525 credits, 100 metal, 90 crystal
Supply Slots 10
Build Time 58
.entity Filename FrigatePsiHeavy.entity

Destra Crusaders bring enlightenment to the masses, if not typically in a friendly manner. The Destra‘s design is dominated by four huge plasma cannons which make it more than a match for most enemy frigates and cruisers. The appearance of the Crusaders in the first few battles of the war marked the beginning of the end for the TEC forces. The resulting tales of the survivors created a widespread superstition in the TEC military that the appearance of a Destra on the battlefield signifies bad luck for the TEC.

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