Domina Subjugator
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Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Support
Shield Power: 300
Hull Points: 550
Armor Level: 3
Armor Type: Heavy
Weapons (Fore): Heavy Pulse Laser
Damage Type: Antiheavy
Antimatter: 350
Abilities: Suppression / Perseverence
Cost 400 credits, 80 metal, 80 crystal
Supply Slots 4
Build Time 30
.entity Filename FrigatePsiUtility0.entity

Utilizing the Advent‘s unique telepathic skills, the Domina‘s specialized hull is capable of projecting a psionic suppression field onto enemy ships. Once hit, the opposing crew is unable to move, rendering their vessel open to attack by more powerful Advent ships. This makes the Subjugator a fantastic complement to any of the more combat-oriented vessels, or to any of the Advent capital ships. Domina crews are highly trained psionics and can also telepathically encourage nearby ships‘ crews to work well past the point of exhaustion.

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